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Menschen die vor einem Poster stehenContributions to sports pedagogy

Prof. Dr. Ingo Wagner, Carolin Knoke and Pierre Meinokat represented the interdisciplinary didactics of STEM subjects and sport with two presentations and a poster at the 37th annual conference of the dvs sports pedagogy section in Essen.

Picture of the participants of the seasonal school 2024Seasonal School successfully completed

The Seasonal School has been successfully completed! One highlight - among many others - was the inspiring keynote speech by Stephen Stirling on the topic of "Transformative Education". He emphasized that not only teaching, but the entire education system needs to be transformed in order to make schools sustainable and future-oriented.

Ein Kind schwingt an einem SeilISD at AIESEP 2024

Carolin Knoke, Pierre Meinokat, Moritz Mödinger and Philipp Rosendahl are representing the Interdisciplinary Didactics of STEM Subjects and Sport department at this year's AIESEP in Jyväskylä, Finland, with three presentations and two posters.

Prof. Dr. Britta Klopsch im InterviewInterview with Prof. Dr. Britta Klopsch

As part of the program "Schule ohne Druck? Frank Seibert und Deutschlands spannendster Schulversuch" in the documentary series ARD Wissen, education expert Prof. Dr. Britta Klopsch answers questions about the requirements for future schools in an interview.

The whole video in the ARD Mediathek
Menschen stehen in einem Kreis auf einer WieseISD organizes Seasonal School 2024

The ISD is the proud organizer of the Seasonal School 2024. Under the leadership of Dr. Olivia Wohlfart and Dr. Elsa Lee from Anglia Ruskin University, the Seasonal School 2024 at KIT will be a place of international exchange. 25 participants from 13 different countries will come together to share their expertise in the research fields of education and sustainability and to learn from each other. In addition, international guest lecturers from various disciplines such as geography, sports science and art will provide valuable input in interactive workshops.

Menschen vor einer PräsentationHow can girls and young women get interested in computer science?

To this end, Dr. Lucia Happe, Kai Marquardt and Prof. Dr. Ingo Wagner presented the latest study results at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) and discussed innovative educational potential with participants from all over the world.

People standing in front of the Edinburgh universityInternationale Exchange

As part of the Networking Grant of the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists at KIT, Philipp Rosendahl was able to present a training concept for 360° videos as a training tool as part of his dissertation during his research visit to Dr. Ian Cunningham at Napier University Edinburgh. Various possible applications of 360° video technology in sport were discussed with Prof. Dr. Lionel Roche of the Université du Québec à Montréal, among others, and further collaboration was planned. We would like to thank Dr. Ian Cunningham for his wonderful hospitality and the productive exchange.

Prof. Dr. Britta Klopsch receives the Faculty Teaching Award 2024

The Faculty Teaching Award Humanities and Social Sciences 2024 is awarded to Prof. Dr. Britta Klopsch for her seminar "Deeper Learning in Schools - a practice-oriented approach to learning in the digital age". Congratulations from the entire ISD! To the official video

NELE-LaunchNELE – Campus Neue Lernkultur, launch on April 24th, 2024

The training platform NELE - Campus Neue Lernkultur is leaving the beta phase and is going online with free, tried-and-tested and scientifically sound offers for establishing a new learning culture in schools and lessons. The ISD is represented with a multi-part training series on the topic of lesson study. To the project page

KI in Studium und LehreKI in Studium und Lehre
Der Dialog zwischen Studierenden und Lehrenden am 12.04.2024 im Triangel.Space war eine inspirierende und abwechslungsreiche Veranstaltung. Lesen Sie nun den ausführlichen Nachbericht. mehr

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