PhD programme

In School Pedagogy, you are very welcome to write your doctorate on the following topics:

  • School and school system development from an international comparative perspective
  • Learning in adolescence
  • Deeper Learning
  • Learning through engagement (Service Learning)
  • Lesson Study
  • Cooperative professionalism
  • Cooperation between schools and extracurricular educational partners
  • School and parents

If you are interested in a doctorate, please read the doctoral regulations of the faculty regarding the doctoral requirements and send a first short exposé (approx. 1 page) together with a CV (in tabular form) to TT.-Prof. Dr. Britta Klopsch (britta.klopsch∂

Further information can be found on the website of Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists KHYS (

PhD students in KIT School Pedagogy

Elisa Adams

Working title: Cultural-aesthetic teaching at cultural schools in Baden-Württemberg

Short description: The doctorate deals with cultural-aesthetic teaching and how this is understood and implemented in the schools of the state program Kulturschule Baden-Württemberg. For this purpose, qualitative research methods are used.

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Joana Kling

Working title: Student Agency and Formative Assessment. Empirical study in Deeper Learning Initiative Germany

Short description: Based on a German Student Agency model and triangulation of data, an exploratory study investigates to what extent and in what way learning support contributes to the promotion of Student Agency. The focus is on teachers who implement project-oriented teaching according to deeper learning pedagogy.

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Moloud Mohammadi

Working title: Language Teachers’ Professional Learning Networks and Learners’ Perceived Teaching Quality

Short description: This mixed-methods study will initially provide a comprehensive model for language teachers' professional development by recognizing various components of teachers' professional learning networks (including Personal Learning Environment, Personal Learning Network, and Professional Learning Network), and then it will measure the effectiveness of the presented model by investigating the quality of teaching.

Eunice Chiu

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Masters degree in Public Policy. She has just started her Ph.D. in Educational Science at the Faculty of Behavioral and Cultural Studies.

About: Her research is on teachers’ emotional engagement and transformative learning. She has recently presented her work at the 4th International Conference on Applied Research in Education, the International Conference on Learning and Teaching 2021, and the 5th International Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Education. She has recently published  in the European Journal of Teaching and Education on the topic “Emotions as an Accelerator: Case studies on the effects of emotions on teachers’ perception and learning when being in conflicts with school leaders”.


Janina Beigel

Working title: Learning Design in Deeper Learning Lessons

Short description: The doctorate is carried out within the framework of the Deeper Learning Initiative Germany through the cooperation between the Department of School Pedagogy and the University of Heidelberg and focuses on aspects of learning design and lesson design. The approach is qualitative-explorative.