Vision Schulpädagogik Englisch

The world is changing, and so is education. What used to be good strategies in our education's past might not necessarily fit to current and future needs. For teaching and learning processes, this means continuously being aware of trends and changes.

In educational sciences, we focus on questions like - how can we make educational processes innovative, up-to-date and effective? What do future schools need? What makes teaching really effective, and how should teachers behave when they want to strengthen open-minded, flexible and problem-solving student abilities?

We work project-based in our research and lectures to blend theory and science with practice. We are convinced that together we can move tomorrows innovations in todays worlds, and shape a student-centered, action-oriented and realistic world of new education.
If you are interested in joining our team, please get in contact with us: britta klopsch does-not-exist.kit edu