Our Vision


The “ Interdisciplinary Didactics of STEM Subjects and Physical Education” strives to actively shape the future of education through innovative perspectives. The central starting point for this is our research on didactic staging of teaching-learning processes in order to further develop teacher training in the course of studies, in teacher traineeships and in schools.

In this context, one research focus in (subject-) didactics is on interdisciplinary school and classroom research on the STEM subjects and on physical education. We explore new possibilities for interdisciplinary didactics, for example through our work on strengthening the digitization of educational processes. Other aspects such as heterogeneity (including gender and diversity) or the prevention of classroom disruptions are given special consideration.

A close interlocking with practice takes place together with external cooperation partners through school practice-related, research-oriented teaching and own offers for students in teaching-learning laboratories of the STEM subjects and physical education.

We work together in diverse, interdisciplinary teams in a trusting and appreciative manner, because in our modern society, interdisciplinary and connected thinking is needed to solve complex challenges.

In order to realize our vision, we are always looking for outstanding employees at all levels (BA/MA student, PhD student, post-doctoral researcher) and look forward to receiving your unsolicited application (please send an e-mail directly to the head of the department: Ingo Wagner).