Mint in Bewegung

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The KIT school laboratory "MINT in Bewegung" (engl. STEM in Motion) combines topics of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology with movement and sport. Connected to the Centre for Teacher Education (ZLB) and in cooperation with the Institute for Sport and Sport Science (IfSS)/Research Centre for Physical Education and Sport for Children and Adolescents (FoSS), pupils can explore phenomena of human movement and sport at numerous stations using scientific methods and measuring instruments. In their investigations, they learn in an age-appropriate way which scientific or mathematical laws lie behind their observations and apply them to solve their problems. The stations are based on the educational curricula of the STEM subjects in Baden-Württemberg. They are designed in such a way that the pupils do not need any prior knowledge to work on them, but can use existing prior knowledge to answer in-depth questions and thus link them to school lessons. With the help of these experiments, the pupils can experience scientific working methods and research-based learning for themselves.

On the one hand, the lab visit vividly addresses STEM knowledge through physical activity, and on the other hand, it provides an impetus to broaden traditional ways of thinking in the STEM subjects to include new perspectives. In our modern society, interdisciplinary, networked thinking is often needed to solve complex challenges. MINT in Bewegung Logo




Under the direction of Ingo Wagner and Pierre Meinokat, the pupils discover, for example, laboratory stations to examine their own heartbeat with an ECG device, physical effects such as the angular momentum during a flip or the mathematical scoring probability during a penalty shootout. The special thing about this is that the children and young people carry out the experiments themselves.


If you and your class are interested, we would be delighted to welcome you.

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Head: Organisation & administration:
Jun.-Prof. Dr.  Ingo Wagner
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ingo Wagner
Head of the department "Interdisciplinary Didactics of STEM Subjects and Physical Education/Sports"

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