Durchstarten trotz Corona - MINTbewegt

The school laboratory "MINT in Bewegung" together with the other laboratories from the KIT-MINTeam supports pupils in the project "Durchstarten trotz Corona" in enjoying learning again despite the pandemic. Our focus here is on linking mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology with sport.

What can you expect?

No special prior knowledge is necessary to participate and work at the stations of the school laboratory. You will gain knowledge through your experiments. By exercising and having fun, you will gain new perspectives and ways of thinking in the STEM subjects. Each of the six meetings in the school lab is supervised by our team. From week to week, the thematic focus is different so that you gain insights into as many exciting STEM subject areas as possible. For example, while one week is about the biological reactions of your body to exercise, in another week you look at rotational movements and rotations through the eyes of a physicist. For this, you use modern technology such as thermal imaging cameras, ECG devices and muscle sensors.

You want to join in?

Click here for an overview of all participating student labs, all further information and registration:

"Durchstarten trotz Corona" with KIT-MINTeam

You can find us here:

Kollegiengebäude Mathematik
Gebäude 20.30
Englerstraße 2
76131 Karlsruhe

Entrance to the building possible via Waldhornstraße or Englerstraße.



You still have questions? Contact us!
Contact person: Pierre Meinokat
Phone: 0721-608-45723
E-mail: mintinbewegung∂isd.kit.edu


We meet in the foyer of the building and walk to the room together.