Deeper Learning at schools

  • Contact:

    TT-Prof. Dr. Britta Klopsch;

    Joana Kling

  • Partner:

    Prof. Dr. Anne Sliwka, Universität Heidelberg

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Learning in the 21st century is increasingly understood as 'deeper learning', i.e. learning that goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge and aims to enable the ability to act and solve problems on the basis of sound knowledge.

The pedagogical concept "Deeper Learning" takes up current empirical findings on effective learning processes and synthesizes them anew in order to optimally support learners in their personality development (identity), the acquisition of in-depth specialist knowledge (mastery) and the creative action-oriented handling of it (creativity).

The core element is the interweaving of (inter-)disciplinary knowledge acquisition with co-constructive, co-creative problem-solving processes. Learning takes place in hybrid learning environments from school, extracurricular and digital environments. Important is the authenticity of the learning outcomes, combined with formative performance feedback. The framework of such a complex learning process is the cooperative professionalism of the teachers on the basis of which learners are involved as equal knowledge partners ("co-agents").

The aim of this project is to carry this innovation into eight selected pioneer schools and to develop together as an innovation network of "next practice", including contemporary teaching according to the pedagogy of deeper learning.

Research period is 2020-2024. Project partner is Prof. Dr. Anne Sliwka, University of Heidelberg.