Application Process


Application Requirements
  • Abstract of research or research idea (max 450 words):

    • Objectives and research questions

    • Conceptual framework

    • Intended methodology

  • 5 key references

  • Statement of interest in participating in the seasonal school, reflecting how sustainability and/or transformative learning can apply to your approach (max 350 words)

  • Letter of support from supervisor or doctoral supervisor (including reference to availability of institutional support or lack thereof)

Support Options

There are no fees for participation in the seasonal school as the costs are covered by KHYS and EERA.

We do have a limited amount of available financial support for accommodation and travel costs per student based on need. If you do not have institutional support for attending the school, the letter of support from your supervisor should declare this and apply for a refund with receipts and evidence of costs. We cannot guarantee a full refund.

The eligibility and amount determined is based on the GDP status of the country you are coming from (country of residence).

As grounds for determining the GDP status of a country, EERA used the World bank data, GDP per capita. The threshold for low-GDP country status is an annual per capita GDP which is lower than 71% of the GDP of the total EU. You can find the list of low GDP countries on EERA website.

Please contact us if you’re interested in finding out more about the financial support options: eser∂