About Us



We, the organizers of this Seasonal School, are passionate researchers dedicated to advancing the field of education and its response to societal transformations. Together, we aim to create a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborations that will drive positive change within the field of education.


We are proud to have an exceptional team of tutors, speakers, and student assistants who play a vital role in making this Seasonal School a transformative learning experience. Our tutors, experts in their respective fields, will facilitate interactive workshops and engaging discussions, providing valuable guidance and mentorship to the participants. Renowned speakers (tba) from various disciplines will enrich the program with their insights, inspiring students to think critically and creatively about sustainability in education.



Furthermore, our team of student assistants brings a fresh perspective and invaluable support to the event. They will ensure the smooth operation of various activities, fostering a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for all participants. Together, this dynamic team of professionals and enthusiastic students creates a nurturing environment that encourages meaningful interactions and the exchange of ideas.


The seasonal school is co-hosted by Dr. Olivia Wohlfart and Dr. Elsa Lee and supported by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Network 30 on Environmental and Sustainability Education Research of the European Educational Research Association (EERA) and Anglia-Ruskin University. We are grateful for the confirmed funding from the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) through the post-doc grant “ConYS – Connecting Young Scientists” and EERA . We will update the website with further details and confirmed pricing structure as soon as possible.

Any questions? Just send us an e-mail to: eser∂isd.kit.edu

Dr. Olivia Wohlfart

Co-Lead for Programme Design and Implementation

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,

Institute for School Pedagogy and Didactics



Dr. Elsa Lee

Co-Lead for Programme Design and Implementation

 Anglia Ruskin University,

EERA Network 30 Convenor



Dr. Olivia Wohlfart is a post-doc researcher within the research group of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ingo Wagner. Her research interests revolve around the exploration of transformation processes and the impact of societal changes on educational institutions and stakeholders. Presently, her research focuses on transformation processes within schools and education (i.e. digitization, ESD). New to the transformative learning approach, she is excited to benefit from the seasonal school on various levels and ready to network with other early career academics in the field.

Dr Elsa Lee has been working in Environmental Sustainability Education since the 1990s, firstly and a school teacher and then as an academic.  Elsa will draw on her experience of designing and facilitating the 2016 EERA seasonal school for Network 30 to ensure that this planned seasonal school is immersive and intensive and impacts on students’ research trajectories; both as they complete their doctorates and into the future when they move into the world of work.  Elsa’s research interests centre on sustainability, education and social justice, and she has used transformative learning extensively to design curricula and to interrogate data generated in qualitative research.

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